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tv   [untitled]    November 15, 2012 10:30am-11:00am EST

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rocket's threatening to pull the egyptian ambassador from israel the muslim brotherhood's political wing j.p. said in a statement that israel's return to the policy of assignation of leaders of the palestinian struggle groups shows that the israeli occupation wants to drag the region toward instability the statement adds that the occupying state has to understand that the changes the arab region especially egypt have witnessed will not permit the palestinian people be put under the hold of the israeli offensive in the same way as in the past but perhaps most troubling is the deafening silence from the obama administration just today obama gave his first press conference since being reelected where he touched upon a whole range of global issues and unsurprisingly there was no mention of the declaration of war against america's closest ally in the middle east unsurprising because it goes without saying that israel respond with a full military force and they'll come out just fine look it's clear that neither side is totally innocent here but there is one thing i want you to consider the
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gaza strip exists under complete controlled occupation by israel the region is an open air prison where daily life is a constant struggle for dignity israel bombing gaza is like shooting fish in a bucket and the citizens of gaza are open air targets but literally no place where they can evacuate to the current administration won't stand up for this injustice it's up to us to do it so it's great to set. up where you are she going to be like oh oh . as the internet remains one of the last bastions of democracy we have the government is trying to find even more pretexts to govern it the way they do it well the same way they're able to pass every other law that erodes our fundamental civil liberties scare the crap out of us about terrorism. indeed in today's world acts of terror could come not only from a few extremists in suicide vests but from
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a few keystrokes on the computer a weapon of mass disruption in the not too distant future we anticipate that the cyber threat will pose the number one threat to our country is not a matter of if but when is cyber pearl harbor will occur. yes you heard that right a cyber pearl harbor even though so people have all failed to pass the government has continued the relentless crusade against internet freedom and the white house might not even wait for congressional approval to crack down obama decided to secret directive that enables the military to respond more aggressively to alleged cyber attacks once again the same old story give us the power to rule over the internet trust that we want to take away your freedoms online so to talk about what this means for internet freedom i'm joined by our producer andrew blake and founder of s.s.p. blue he-man shu. thank you so much both for joining me thank so. with
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you a you're a veteran of cyber security you've worked in the private industry as well of as with governments and regulatory bodies i want to talk about the electronic communications privacy act drafted in one thousand nine hundred five so it's been a while a lot of people say this needs to be updated to deal with the current threats do you think that the recent government initiatives we've seen are reasonable solutions to the problem. well i think the way to think about this in and it can sound very alarming you just played a bunch of sound bites from different individuals political leaders that were very exciting and really grab your attention but if you think step back and go inside what's actually happening inside the beltway where you're located in washington d.c. there are a lot a lot of conversations going on about what is the best solution when it comes to balancing the rights of privacy of an individual of a citizen in the united states versus the right for the government and in many ways the necessary right for the government to protect its citizens and i think when you
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see is in these meetings there's representatives from the private sector all the folks from the high tech companies of the world one of which i worked at microsoft previously news corp in formerly my space we used to have representatives there so there's all sorts of involvement in the private sector sitting at the table with the government sector and i have been a former federal prosecutor doing computer crime and crimes in the past and have those that have had those conversations and one thing that happens when you engage in a dialectic of this sort the back and forth the constant education of both sides ultimately and it may take a while but ultimately you get to a good solution that will work long term because the worst thing we can do is create a short term answer to what appears to be a short term problem and just completely change the course of our future absolutely and we just saw the house was delegated on a bill today in a so i'm sorry the senate and the bill got killed. andrew you know we just talked
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about this new presidential directive twenty what exactly is that do you think the government should have this kind of power explain little bit about what the government should have this kind of power on paper because they're already using this power we know that the olympic games program started under bush and zero six to target the iranian nuclear facilities we know it's been six years and the government still using stocks. they're still using flame and they still haven't admitted to it so we have this new director that we just got out today posted a great article on it and it is classified so we don't really know everything about it we have people from inside the white house speaking to reporters in washington saying this is what we've been told this is what we've seen and it says that ok washington you can go ahead you can actually said be more aggressive you can go and attack other systems if it means it's going to prevent america from well being the victim to what america's already doing to everyone else so personally i think it's dangerous we've already been warning that ever since we've you know me or may not have launched these attacks and around and perhaps other countries were in danger
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of copycat attacks you know everyone in the congress close the intelligence community has said that during today's hearings on the senate senator feinstein i believe actually said that i can't talk about because it's classified but no we are under attack so it's kind of good that they finally put this on paper they've actually outlined how they can proceed but it's just one more step of how the president's going to go ahead cut corners do things without the rest of the legislative body actually you know insure him what you say to people who say i'm not doing anything wrong i don't have anything to worry about on the internet who i mean doesn't the entire argument negate our reasonable expectation of privacy here i mean should we be worried about having privacy online or is that kind of just to this point. but know you're actually hear that from a lot of people out there who will say well you know if i'm not doing anything wrong why does it matter but the reality is if we're going to be living in this society that we live in which is grounded on freedom of expression grounded on privacy has a history of those issues being
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a problem from many many hundreds of years ago if we want to live in that society then whether or not somebody is doing something wrong shouldn't be the core focus of the debate the debate needs to be in a good society with good citizens that we're assuming want to do the right thing what kinds of laws can we put in place that protect the right to exist as we do in our society today versus the government's right to protect us for that matter from other forces out there whether it's whether it's cyber attacks from a foreign cut foreign power that's anti united states or whether it's even an internal threat from internal forces coming from organized crime or other types of criminals and i think just reacting to what and who is saying that is a great thing to note i mean people are saying well there are cyber attacks i mean having been in this world for over fifteen years now cyber attacks from foreign governments and been hitting the united states for many years it is the part it is part of what happens with the department of defense with the central intelligence
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agency with other government agencies it is not a new thing what is new is that more people are getting into it more governments hostile nation states are using it and i think if the u.s. government doesn't focus on how they're going to react and how they're going to use it proactively then it's just saying we we want to be ready for war but we're not going to have any missiles or nerve because we decided not to sure but i mean you can look at the u.s. government is the one who pretty much has launched a full scale cyber attack against iranian nuclear facilities stocks now the blueprint for for this is mapped out online i mean andrew what do you think it does to have this rhetoric this really strong rhetoric that we're going to milot you know have military. cyber attacks on our country but then kind of boasting and bragging about these attacks on other countries well and let's let's be clear here i mean it's been six years since the saloon for games operation came out and it's only been less than six months since the new york times fully exposed the obama
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administration officials confirming oh yeah we did this we had the ability to destroy their facilities and we've ramped it up and we've been working on it but the record the white house has not said that they've actually done anything they've warned that if they are to attack they will be attacked back they have warned that they are being attacked they have warned that it's inevitable there is a cyber pearl harbor there is a cyber nine eleven there is a cyber i guess is that the two big ones right things are things are bad they keep telling us that it's really really bad it's really really bad think people are going to get back to us but they're going to it seems like every effort imaginable to refrain from actually taking the blame admitting that they're doing this so it's kind of disgusting but at the same time it's i would expect nothing less and you know the second they come out there and they actually say this is what we've been doing that's probably when these attacks that we keep getting stronger and with the ones that feinstein says they're coming the ones that congress and senate are saying oh no we have this top secret intelligence saying that we're being hit that's when it's not going to be top secret anymore that's when the power grids are
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actually going to go down to move and i don't know what it is absolutely ok all right real quick just in what andrew was talking about stuxnet which a lot of people i don't think are aware of but it is something that i think your viewers will care about stuff stuxnet is actually designed to prevent collateral damage so you know in a strange kind of way and i'm not speaking for the administration for sure right now but in the strangest kind of way this is a cyber attack that was testing whether or not you could use to tack a foreign nation state in a way that doesn't create collateral damage if you take that in the physical world it's like saying let's just let's have a drone shoot a missile but it's not going to kill any civilians and that's really what i think the testing is happening around which you know from the. positive but that is there is a definite effort to attack a government and take down the government grid without actually hurting the citizen who's who would otherwise be considered collateral damage service i was always a plotter only damage would be yeah we just found out last week that chevron was
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infected so there is always a backlash in some regard they decide hey my and your back for coming on regular down thanks a lot i mean so if you like what you see so far go to our youtube channel at youtube dot com slash breakin to set and subscribe check out our facebook page at facebook dot com slash breaking the set follow me on twitter at abby martin and i took a break from my preaching but stay tuned to hear about our villain and hero of the day next. three cretaceous three. four chargers three. major three. three stooges three. three bronte are splitting videos for your media project c.d.o. down to our teeth dot com.
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it's technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. so today nancy pelosi had a big press conference to make a big announcement that she intends to remain house minority leader at the next congressional term but what the press conference got really interesting is when our hero luke russert asked palosi a question check it out. say that you're going to stay on for
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years with the party so that a young through the leadership in the first verse or even long for your. next so pretty much said nancy is getting too old to serve and ok ok i get it you know it was a question of woman's age but that's beside the point here's the treat defending the question he said well palosi laughed off my question as ages many house dems will privately gripe and that it hurts the caucus that all three leaders are seventy plus years old now palosi has served since one thousand nine hundred eighty seven and has held a power position for ten of those twenty five years. twenty five years while doesn't quite reach the forty two years someone like them are gadhafi was in power i find it quite interesting how power holders in washington love to harp on foreign leaders for remaining in power for decades. here's john mccain also holding power
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in washington for twenty five years on the former libyan leader. he's a danger to the world to the longer he stays in power the more dangerous he becomes . more dangerous he becomes look all these people should have term limits and the longer they remain inside the corrupt bubble that is d.c. the less in touch with reality they become and i can go on for hours here but thank you luke russert thanks for standing up for the youth point out a very obvious reality and remind everyone how absolute power corrupts absolutely and that is why with russert he's our hero of the day so he's the hero who's the villain well the person taking this highly coveted position as someone who's on a straight up crusade against gay people in our country of uganda her name is rebecca doggett and she's the speaker of the ugandan parliament so you may not know this but homosexuality is actually illegal and uganda and while that's disturbing enough rebecca daga is now championing the effort to pass
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a bill that would mandate harsher sentences for those convicted for being gay when the bill was introduced in two thousand and nine the proposal called to broaden the criminalization of same sex relations by dividing the behavior into two categories defense of homosexuality in which an offender would receive life imprisonment and aggravated homosexuality defined to include acts committed by those with hiv or repeat offenders for which they proposed the death penalty now since introduced this heinous piece of legislation has been deemed to kill the gays bill and the international community has been up in arms causing it stagnation for four years but now thanks to a daga it has resurfaced without the death penalty clause despite the international pressure to dog remains unfazed here's what she had to say. you see. eight is going to be from looking at most of this country i think that there's
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a. you want to do it here's a little wake up call eighty uganda would not come with the contingent to promote homosexuality it just means that the international community looks down upon the hate crimes not only should turn a blind eye to human rights activists all over the world could august saying that she'll do everything in her power to get this bill passed before christmas she said ugandans want that law as a christmas gift they have asked for it and will give them that gift you know would be an even better gift the gift of human dignity human rights for all because that's what the people of uganda deserve they deserve the right to not face life in prison for being who they are and that's why we're back a dogma that bigoted intolerant speaker of ugandans parliament is our villain of the day. on election day right here on the show i presented to you the numbers no not the numbers of votes the dollars that bloated the two thousand and twelve election
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campaign in fact the news has emerged that this past election year has shattered all previous records of money in any political race cornett the center for responsible politics an estimated six billion dollars was raised almost half of that two point six billion dollars was spent on the race for the white house but at the same time only about point three percent of the entire u.s. population contributed two hundred dollars or more and that means about nine hundred thirty thousand people in the special interest groups they represent accounted for the majority of the cash flow a lot of influence coming from just a few people and one coalition is seeking it and to that disproportionate influence represent us has just unveiled a new piece of legislation called the american anti corruption act sort of breakdown of what this act is calling for and how it would actually work i'm joined by josh silver director of the initiative and c.e.o. of united republic josh thanks so much for coming on you good so joshua this act
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would essentially transform the way elections are financed what exactly are you proposing can you break down a lot of the facets of this bill sure well you know this is a big deal you know this is an issue that if you look at the arc of american history it's been very rare that there's been any headway made controlling the undue influence of moneyed interests and politics and as you said in the intro the problem is just epic right now six billion dollars projected in the federal elections alone this year blowing out all the other records of course major donors q twenty five thirty million dollars from one person the founders of the country didn't envision that's what we're doing is presenting legislation because as you may know there's been efforts to him in the u.s. constitution on this issue since the interim is two thousand and ten citizens united. ruling that has really opened up the floodgates that's a very high bar two thirds of the u.s. congress and three quarters of the states are needed to pass
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a constitutional amendment instead we're proposing legislation that would do many things one it would severely curtail how much money lobbyists can actually give to politicians down all the way down to five hundred dollars it would limit the amount of money that can be given to super pacs to the same amount that's currently for regular pacs five thousand dollars it would it would change the revolving door so that you can no longer have politicians moving right off of capitol hill and within one or two years going on the k. street lobbying make it five years seven so these are these are major changes that are buttressed by probably the biggest provision in the act which is citizen funded elections a tax rebate of one hundred dollars per person in the united states that can be given to any politician of their choice to offset this huge power of tax because the reality is without a constitutional amendment you can't stop taxing independent expenditures you have
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to try to count your way and then finally the last part of what we're doing that's really really revolutionary and we're not introducing it to congress worst we're going to get millions of people to become co-sponsors of the act it represent dot us on the web and then once we've got at least a million people we go to congress we introduce that with bipartisan support and we're just we're more republicans introducing this this yesterday in our launch than there were democrats and then we're going to go after politicians in two thousand and fourteen and unseat them from office if they won't support the aca so joshing said that this is kind of a way of going around citizens united because that's too much of pie in the sky have ideal here but i mean this seems like it's it's going away beyond citizens united i mean citizen funded elections this is going straight to the crux of the problem do you. i think that this is this is setting a higher bar to get millions of people behind this than then to overturn citizens united here well absolutely not i mean the reality is anybody follows politics will
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tell you if you're trying to get two thirds of the congress and then three quarters of the state legislatures to ratify it that's incredible even the equal rights amendment didn't pass when that was attempted a couple decades ago however the most important point here is that political money is like water and it finds its way to where it wants to go unless you're absolutely careful the close up every possible way that it's going to get through and that's what this legislation reflects and flex the hard reality that without a meter a piece of legislation then you're you know you're going to you're not going to actually fix the problem you're just going to put a band-aid on it and i think maybe more your point what we're going to find here is people are outraged at what's going on nearly ninety percent of americans liberals conservatives moderates independents they're all disgusted by this problem of money in politics it may take a massive scandal to actually see something pass just like in one thousand nine
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hundred ninety or right after watergate was the last major campaign finance moment in this country we may have to set this proposal up so that when that scandal arrives we'll be reading right right well it seems like there's watergate's go one hundred by the day josh doesn't seem like anyone's pay attention and i totally applaud your efforts on and you've got a broad coalition of support i mean we're talking about the tea party occupy wall street democratic or republican strategist alike how did you garner such a broad coalition and are there any sitting representatives currently on board. questions all first of all no nobody nobody in congress is on board because we don't want to introduce this story asking members of congress to start getting behind this what's going to happen this is going to become senator so and so's bill congressperson so it's. then boom you fall prey to the partisan gridlock that already exists all republicans backing the democrats don't want to touch you know this is the people's bill and the reason why such
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a broad array of people are behind it as you mentioned we've got someone from the tea party a leader from the tea party standing next to a leader come up by wall street we've got major republican strategists like mark mckinnon standing next to democratic strategist and fundraisers like susan q at our launch we had teddy roosevelt for a while getting great grandson of the former president standing next to richard painter who was from the george w. bush white house sitting next to larry lessig harvard professor and liberal and the reason is is everybody agrees we've got to get money out of politics in that bold measures are needed and that's what's reflected in proposal and represent us want to find out more about it it does seem like america is unique in the sense that we are just pouring billions and billions upon billions of dollars every election it gets worse josh you've said yourself congress is too broken to fix itself so it's up to us the american people to lead reform as citizen co-sponsors and force congress to follow us i mean it's an extremely noble idea and indeed that's the way
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the government should be but i mean looking realist that realistically here the election just ended this is just carrying out toward like you said two thousand and fourteen two thousand and sixteen i mean we the only thing that we can really do is put pressure on our elected representatives to sign as and if not we need to boot them out right yeah and in remember let's not forget there's two really important things to remember everybody who's watching this right now you've got issues you care whether it's reducing the debt so that the priorities that you care about are paid attention to by government maybe it's the environment maybe it's health care or maybe it's whatever it is those issues are getting blocked. you're being. railed by big money in politics happens all the time it's why the banks are still still too big to fail. it's why we're seeing so many sort of really question mark decisions made by the congress the gridlock the eleven percent approval rating of
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congress which is in store lows and if you're going to make progress on any of these issues you care about you've got to deal with this issue of money in politics and we have to remember that in our history law remember it was not until one thousand nine hundred seven that the very first campaign finance laws were passed by expanding roosevelt one nine hundred forty seven was the next wave then all the way until one thousand nine hundred seventy or one watergate we saw a modern rules change it hasn't been since one thousand nine hundred ninety four that we've seen progress in this area it is time that josh hartnett out of time it is time to get that bold reform i think everyone can agree all across the board which as i applaud your efforts i hope that people sign on really pay attention this is what we need i think citizens united has had a lot of people dissolution of the system and this dancer josh silver from united republic thank you so much thank you. look this is probably one of the most important initiatives happening across the country right now that's happening with
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bipartisan support which is out exactly what needs to happen if you want to see anything get done in this corrupt to the core government system they elected representatives we choose to represent us don't want to sign on to and mean the bribery and it's up to us to hold them accountable. download the official publication so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites from alzheimer's l.t.v. is not required to watch on t.v. all you need is your mobile device to watch our team any time.
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a report on our. resistance politics but a culture i. couldn't guess. on its own. cultures of resistance on the art scene. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.


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